In this series you will learn some interesting tips and tricks for working with and activating each of the 7 chakras. It doesn’t matter if you’re a more experienced chakra practitioner or a beginner…you will be able to pull nuggets of goodness from this series.

Are you looking for more tips and tricks for working with your body’s energetic system so that you can feel GREAT and harness all of your power and potential? I know how important having a working knowledge about this energy system has been in maintaining JOYFUL, functional wellness in all aspects of my own life. This is why I want to share it with you since I know that it can help you too.

In these videos I will touch on:

  • the basics
  • specific movements to activate each chakra
  • foods and nutritional tips for each chakra
  • healing modalities that are designed to optimize chakra functioning

Overall, you will discover ways to enable your chakras to function at their tippy-top best so that you can live a more joyful, healthy life!