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Lisa Campion
Protecting the Inner Child

Sally Gray
Rewriting Your Story for Profound Healing TODAY

Mary England
Embracing PLAY

Devorah Spilman
The Power of Story

Sarah-Jane Farell
Initiating Profound Healing

Gurutej khalsa
Bringing Joy Into the Moment

Allana Pratt
Tap Into Your Power

Kristina Campbell
Sexuality and Play

Andrea Theisz
Emotional Freedom

Tamaey Gottuso
Creating Dreams

Tamara Laporte
Using Art to Connect With Your Inner Child

Tamar Gail
Accessing JOY and Healing Through Movement

Aileen Castellano
Trust, Heal, Play, and Dream

Annette Poliwka
Connecting to your Inner Child Through Nature

Michelle Rusk
The Mind, The Body, and the Inner Child

Lindsey Fitzgibbons
Deep Connection with the Inner Child

Ann Christiansen
Deep Healng

Cindy Hively
The Nature of the Inner Child

Corin Grillo
Inner Child Magic

Nikki Gangemi
Mindfulness and the Inner You

JoYce van der Lely
Finding Your Force

DK Brainard
Healing the Wounded Child

Jenny Berk
Food and the Inner Child

Helena Reilly
Sound and Healing

Heather Allison
Accessing True Abundance

Amanda Elo'esh
Creating Success

Lisa Marie Grantham
Access Your Soul's Magic

Dr. Edwige
Discover Your Joy

Tina Dowdy
Changing Your Money Story

Dr. Mario Martinez
The Secret to Staying Young

Jennifer Riley
Step Into Your Power

PJ Dixon
Love and Laughter